Friday, July 4, 2008

Say it Ain't So!

The Baltimore Sun is reporting the Orioles are interested in David Eckstein. While Eckstein can at least get on base (.360 OBP) and his VORP is positive (+7.1), he has no power (.348 SLG). And, more importantly for the O's, he is a below average defender at shortstop. Range factor isn't a perfect stat, but his 3.85 RFg is worse than the league average 3.95. As I detailed last week, if the team determines it can't live without a short-term fix at the position, the Orioles should probably just focus on getting the best possible defender for shortstop. Plus, any price for David Eckstein is too high for a team focused on rebuilding.

I've got lots of family in town this weekend, and we're heading to the game today. I'll post if I can, but wanted to make sure my thoughts on Eckstein were posted. Happy 4th to everyone.

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