Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Unwashed Masses

Perusing the comments over at the Schmuck Stops Here today and... wow.

"Why didn’t we go for Lowe, Garland, Perez, or Ben Sheets to fill two of those rotation spots?"
- Fritz

Well, Fritz, because Lowe is old and expensive, Garland and Perez aren't very good, and Sheets is extremely injury prone.

"The Orioles missed a significant opportunity by not signing Jon Garland. Garland is a top of the rotation pitcher in his prime and he is an innings eater."
- Larry P

Does he mean this Jon Garland?

There's more, but I gave up. This is precisely the kind thinking that caused 11 years of wandering at the bottom of the standings. Schmuck is right when he chastises commenters that are criticizing MacPhail and making ridiculous demands for signing only "championship caliber" players. Sure, Braden Looper doesn't figure into the long-term plans for the team, but someone has to pitch; as long as he doesn't block anyone who does figure into those plans (or cost a draft pick), and if the O's can get him cheaply, then who cares? Sign the guy.

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