Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Weather

I'm hard at work on my 2009 Orioles preview, and hope to have something by the end of the week. It will likely depend on just how much work my marketing final requires. In the meantime, this weekend's blast of spring weather, coupled with real baseball on television in the form of the WBC, has me antsy for the regular season to begin.

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Andrew T. said...

Since I can't figure out who's going to be the team's third, fourth, and fifth starters, I'm not particularly comfortable projecting a record for them yet.

I think MacPhail is pointing this team in the right direction, but we're at the start of the rebuilding process -- not the middle or the end. To that end, I hope MacPhail is on the phone right now with the Yankees trying to get something of value for Aubrey Huff and/or Melvin Mora.

I would consider this season a great success even if the team loses 100 games -- which strikes me as quite likely, btw -- if it helps the organization figure out who is going to help the next good Orioles team from who isn't. Check out the 2007 Rays (not the '08 model) for comparison.