Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2003 Draft Redux

Back in 2003, the Orioles selected Nick Markakis with the 7th pick of the draft. Clearly, this was a smart move. At the time, though, it seemed a bit risky (many scouts preferred Markakis as a pitcher), and I was personally hoping for the O's to select another two-way player: Michael Aubrey. Instead, the Indians picked Aubrey 11th overall, Markakis became a budding star and Aubrey progressed slowly, in no small part due to numerous injuries. Well, now I get my wish: the O's traded for Aubrey today. Since the Orioles just promoted Brandon Snyder to play first base in Norfolk, does this mean the Aubrey Huff trade rumors will start flying?

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Legends said...

Yes, definitely need to upgrade at the corners. Huff and Mora are not the answers.

Is Salazar an option, what could the O's expect from Snyder? Reimold to first?