Saturday, August 1, 2009

Matusz Time!

Peter Schmuck, via Jeff Zrebiec, is reporting that Brian Matusz appears to be the winner of the "vigorous debate" over who will take the rotation slot vacated when Brad Bergesen hit the disabled list. Can't say that I disagree with the decision: Matusz is pretty clearly the next best (ok, maybe the very best) pitcher in the organization. So long as they resist the temptation to keep pitching him every five days through the beginning of October (which Schmuck indicates in the comments would be the case), I'm excited! We're finally getting a look at all the young pitching that is hopefully going to lead the Orioles back to contention. It's another good day in Birdland.


Legends said...

With the draft signing deadline less than 2 weeks away, how do the O's stand with their picks?

The Oriole Way said...

Until guys actually sign, it's nearly impossible find anything out, aside from first round picks. About two weeks ago, the Sun ran a story saying the O's were "frustrated" not getting more done, and that they still had not signed their second round pick.,0,1561602.story