Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opening Day

Rumor has it that there was an Orioles game yesterday. I prefer not to acknowledge that the season has begun until we get a home opener, but last night's events have forced my hand. Without further ado, let's overreact!

The Good
Adam Jones is good. Enjoy video evidence here.
So is Matt Wieters. I love the reaction of the fan who foolishly tries to barehand a missile.
Nick Markakis has a pretty solid arm.

The Bad
Miguel Tejada and Garrett Atkins combined to go 1-for-9 with a GIDP. Why do I get the feeling I will be repeating that sentence all too frequently?

The Ugly
Mike Gonzalez, welcome to the Orioles bullpen! I know it's one game, but I still can't help but think it's really, really foolish to spend big money on the bullpen.

The Jury's Still Out
It sure looks to me like Felix Pie deserves to play. And that Luke Scott deserves to play. And that Nolan Reimold deserves to play. How will Dave Trembley handle the time share? My vote is for more of this.

Today is a new day. Let's hope the club can get a win!

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