Friday, May 21, 2010

Garrett Atkins Bashing

Sure, I'll pile on.

1) Orioles firstbasemen have combined to hit zero home runs and post a slash line of .224/.267/.295.
2) Atkins has a 49 OPS+.  I feel obligated to point out again that he plays first base.
3) From Sports Illustrated's Power Rankings: "Garret [sic] Atkins has played 32 games and logged 115 plate appearances but scored only four runs. The major-league average is to score one run every 8.6 plate appearances; Atkins is averaging one run every 28.8."
4) This was entirely predictable.  Look at his wOBA progression:

5) Atkins is making $4.5 million dollars for his efforts.  Worst. Signing. Ever.  Time to cut bait, Andy.

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