Friday, May 14, 2010

Shutdown Sauce

Closers need nicknames.  I don't think that is disputable.  And Alfredo Simon, since he's taken the job and run with it in the last few weeks, is no different.  Daniel Moroz of has coined a fun one: Shutdown Sauce.  There's just one thing missing: t-shirts!  A colleague and I took the liberty of mocking a few up yesterday.

First up, the traditional baseball shirt look, complete with "Alfredo" in Orioles-esque lettering and "Shutdown Sauce 55" on the back (name and number the same for all).

Next, a similar look, but the Orioles-orange t-shirt.

And in black, with a bowl of noodles.

Who will be the first one to wear one of these to Camden Yards?

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