Thursday, August 26, 2010

Triple Crown

Over in the National League, things are shaping up for quite the month of September in the NL Central.  The Cardinals and the Reds looks set to battle down to the final weekend for the division title, with the victor perhaps propelled by a Triple Crown* winner in either Albert Pujols or Joey Votto.  You would think that MLB would be trying to capitalize on the chase for this rare feat, but their stats page fails miserably.  Take a look:

Why can't I click a button that shows me only the NL leaders?  Then, I could see Joey Votto's smiling face atop the batting average leaders (.326, over Carlos Gonzalez at .320 and Pujols at .319), Pujols grinning as the leader in home runs (33, over Votto's and Adam Dunn's 31), and then Pujols again above the pack in RBI (92, over Votto's 90).  C'mon, MLB - make it easy for me to follow the Triple Crown race!

*I know the Triple Crown race is virtually meaningless, but it would still be a hugely exciting achievement.

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