Thursday, June 26, 2008

Billy Rowell Update

Kevin Goldstein over at Baseball Prospectus takes a look at AL East Prospects today. And he doesn't like what he sees when looking at Billy Rowell:

2006 first-round pick Billy Rowell is hitting a lowly .237/.295/.362, with just three home runs and 48 strikeouts in 177 at-bats. The scouting report reflects those numbers. "I’m totally off that. Look, when he centers a ball, it’s really good–it’s a lot of power, but it hardly ever plays because he has lots of swing problems and is constantly bailing against lefties." Defensively, there are real concerns about Rowell’s effort. "He’s just lazy," said the scout. "I don’t like the energy, and I just sit there wanting to yell, 'Dude! Move!'I don’t even like how he catches the ball–it’s just annoying to watch him play.

Granted, he's just 19, but he had just a .761 OPS at Delmarva last year with a K:BB ratio of over 3:1. That guy who was selected with the 10th pick might have been a better choice.

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