Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Welcome to the Baltimore Birds Nest!

As the new kid on the block, I would like this blog to be a valued resource for Orioles fans and fill a niche in the Baltimore baseball discussion. I will try and post analysis of pertinent team issues, both that I have written and that others are writing about the O’s, typically with a moderately sabermetric bent. I’m a big reader of Baseball Prospectus, and may link to a number of articles behind their paywall. If you are not already a subscriber, it’s $35 well-spent. At the very least, add BP: Unfiltered to your RSS reader. If there is something I talk about that is unfamiliar, please ask. I can be reached via email (theorioleway at or through the comments.

I will try to remain objective here. Orange colored glasses will obviously tint my analysis, but I will try and evaluate the organization in a fair and honest manner. Whether the manager can’t handle the bullpen, the media fails to hold management accountable, or the team isn’t playing hard, this blog will voice those opinions honestly. I welcome feedback, but let’s please keep it civil. My opinions are fair game, but frame your arguments so that you’re actually arguing with my assumptions or facts and not just my personality.

Hopefully I can be a productive voice in the Baltimore baseball discussion.

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