Friday, June 27, 2008

Wieters Promoted

Well, that didn't take long. The Baltimore Sun is reporting that uber-prospect Matt Wieters will be promoted to AA Bowie, perhaps today. After batting .345/.448/.576 in 69 games, he was clearly too good to be stuck in the Carolina League, so this promotion is well earned. But what will it mean going forward?

In the Baseball Prospectus article I linked to yesterday about Billy Rowell, the same scout called Wieters a "friggin' stud." (Now that's how I like my Orioles prospects!) However, the scout did voice one concern, saying Wieters might be susceptible to "upper-level" velocity. Prince George's Stadium is also notoriously a pitcher's park, so it's quite possible that Wieters will have the first struggles of his pro career as he moves up a level. But I wouldn't be surpised if two months from now his numbers look similar to those he put up in Frederick and we're discussing whether or not the Orioles should reward him with a September call-up.

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