Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nerd Alert

For the nerds among us, Rob Neyer pointed me to two fantastic articles today. One, at The Hardball Times, raises serious questions regarding Baseball Prospectus's PECOTA projections, specifically the Davenport Translations used in converting minor league stats to Major League equivalents. Baseball Prospectus almost never responds to criticism--a significant failing, in my opinion--and I'm curious to see if they address what would seem to be serious errors in their calculations. The second, in Sports Illustrated, writes to a more mainstream audience about the use of defensive statistics by front offices today. Given the additions made by the Orioles this offseason, specifically Felix Pie and Cesar Izturis, it is safe to say that, even if they aren't on the cutting edge, the Orioles have taken defensive metrics into account in their player evaluations.

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