Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hey, What About Me???

The five (ok, maybe four... if I'm lucky) of us here at The Baltimore Birds Nest take offense at not being included in the Sun's rundown of Orioles blogs. To spite them, I will fill out my own information.


Summary: A surprisingly optimistic take on the Orioles, with a focus on aggregating sophisticated analysis from around the web and adding a bit of my own fan-based, yet hopefully objective, commentary.

Web gem: I have a really big man-crush on Matt Wieters.

Traffic: I think my dad visits. And sometimes people randomly make intelligent comments. Otherwise, this is mostly a way for me to organize my Orioles thoughts without making my wife's eyes glaze over in boredom.

Prediction: Like everyone else, low to mid 70s for wins, but with significant tail risks on both sides. I can see moving towards 80 if Wieters lives up to his Baseball Prospectus projection and the young pitching develops, and falling below 70 if the pitching under performs and Adam Jones and Felix Pie fail to improve.

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